Baby Budgies Geelong

Baby Budgies Geelong Baby Budgies Geelong Baby Budgies Geelong

Hey! So you're looking for a budgie... welcome to Baby Budgies Geelong!

Did you know that budgies are 100% Aussie, can live up to 12yrs old and like to hang with their mates?!! When looking for a new feathered friend, it's best to buy your budgie as a youngster because they're easier to tame when they're young. All of our budgies have been handled from an early age so they're friendly little guys!

At Baby Budgies Geelong you will buy young, healthy budgies direct from the owner. Our budgies are approx. 10 to 12 weeks old, are fully feathered and able to feed themselves. They are suitable as a pet or for an aviary.

When coming to buy your new budgie please bring a cage or a suitable transporting container. It is pick-up only, so Geelong and surrounding areas.

Contact Baby Budgies Geelong via:

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All of our budgies are $30.00 unless otherwise indicated.

Baby Budgies Geelong has some new baby budgies! We have a number of 12 week old chicks ready to go - some tame and others ready for breeding. We will have more baby budgies available towards the end of May, early June.

We have a few 6mth old budgies - mostly female - that are suitable for breeding!

If you want a baby budgie reserved please contact us using Messenger or Facebook!

Last updated 18th May 2022

Baby Budgies Geelong - bluegreen budgie Baby Budgies Geelong - bluegrey chick Baby Budgies Geelong - yellow baby budgie Baby Budgies Geelong - yellowygreen chick

Disclaimer: Every effort is made to ensure you take home the right baby budgie. Whether the bird is a male or female can't be truly determined until the bird is approx. 5 to 6 months old when the nostrils - or cere - of the male bird turns blue. The only indicator we have when we sell our bubs is the bird's nature - a male budgie is generally a lot nicer and calmer.

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